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Playing outdoors has paramount benefits for young children. It’s a refreshing way for little ones to explore and take in their surroundings. Spending their days outdoors can lead to better physical and mental health, improved sleep, and cognitive, social, and emotional gains. Ensuring that outdoor play is an integral part of Creative Kidz’ education setting’s daily schedule supports early learning across all domains and unleashes a whole lot of joy for children!

Creative Kidz offers morning recess and afternoon recess for outdoor play and physical activity. A minimum of 90 minutes a day is reserved for outdoor play (weather-permitting). Children will have at least 30 minutes of structured (adult-led) physical activity and at least 60 minutes of unstructured (child-led) physical activity each day. There are three separate yard spaces whereby the different age groups play-the water splash pad area with picnic tables under the tree area, the middle playground with a play structure enclosed by a gate, and the grassy green area on the playground right that contains the sandbox. Ages 5 and up do not mix with ages 5 and under on the yard. Infants, 6 weeks through 12 months of age, may engage in outdoor play for an amount of time as tolerated by the infant.


  1. It invites children to learn science
  2. It supports STEM skills
  3. It promotes physical health
  4. It creates opportunities for social interaction & collaboration
  5. It invites new contexts for learning
  6. It promotes better sleep
  7. It gives children a chance to take appropriate risks
  8. It anchors children to the real world

Structured physical activity is carefully planned and supervised by an adult. Examples of structured physical activity that Creative Kidz provide include bean bag games, Simon says, tag, kick ball, and musical chairs, etc.

More examples of physical activities: animal walk, digging for treasure, wet sponge designs, leaf play, balance beams, stone walks, keep the balloon up, sack races, chase bubbles, and many more.

Free play allows children the freedom to explore, create, and discover without predetermined rules or guidelines. Little ones take turns by learning how to listen and share, develop imaginary situations, and make decisions together.


School uniforms are mandatory at Creative Kidz. Therefore, the children come dressed in appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor play.


When weather doesn’t permit outdoor play, children will still be engaged in physical activities in our indoor environment. Our nap room, which also serves as our after-school age room, is open and is used for physical indoor play. The child’s classroom will also foster the environment to allow for physical activities and indoor play. A minimum of 60 minutes per day of physical activity is required during inclement weather days for indoor play.


Schedules for each age group that outline the daily schedule for outdoor play indoor play are posted inside of their classroom.

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