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In compliance to the national prerogative of forming a solid educational base to early American learners, Creative Kidz provides a Pre-K program to all LA and TX children of ages 3 to 5 years.

Be there as your little one explores and achieves his/her developmental milestones through hands-on activities and positive reinforcements. We have diligently explored the TX and LA Pre-K education guidelines and made sure to comply.

To know more about these programs, please click on the quick links below or you may contact us directly at 281-257-8085.


Jefferson Parish Residents: The Jefferson Parish Public School System is pleased to announce a collaborative Pre-Kindergarten application process for all children registering for publicly funded spots in child care, Head Start, Early Head Start, NSECD and elementary schools in Jefferson Parish. This Pre-K registration process was designed with the goal of convenience and accessibility for our parents. Parent can access submit applications at

Orleans Parish Residents: The Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District are partnering together to provide students and families with the opportunity to choose a school that best suits their interests and needs. New Orleans has long had some citywide access to public schools. The elimination of neighborhood schools in favor of universal school choice was a step forward in increasing access. It also demonstrated the need for an enrollment system that facilitates school choice for all families and ensures families are enrolled fairly. Parent can access information at and submit application on the oneapp, Creative Kidz East has a partnership with Foundation Preparatory use school code 36192.

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